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The Phoenix DUI lawyers at our Phoenix law office have handled many cases involving DUI or drunk driving cases in Phoenix, AZ. Our legal team is very diverse and experienced. If you have been charged with a DUI crime contact our law office 24 hours a day for help with legal representation. We have represented clients charged with both felony and misdemeanor DUI crimes. Our lawyers are here to fight for your legal rights day or night, just call us today for your free consultation at (602) 884-8645 for help concerning your DUI.

First offense DUI crimes depending on your blood alcohol level can be very unique in comparison to a second offense DUI, aggravated DUI, or extreme DUI in Arizona. There can be some flexibility concerning your case based on your individual scenario. Each Phoenix DUI case can be different from the next, however that does not change the fact that the laws in Arizona are strict and the authorities take a hard stance on individuals charged with DUI crimes.

If you are convicted of a DUI whether it be misdemeanor or a felony, it can be very life changing in many ways. It can change the type of job you have, you can lose your job, and ultimately effect your bottom line income. If you are a driver, it can cause the loss of driving privileges, especially for CDL drivers. Our job as your DUI defense lawyers is to help you avoid as much jail time as possible since every DUI comes with some sort of mandatory jail time depending on your circumstances. In most cases, jail time is at the minimum 10-30 days or longer.

Types of Arizona DUI Cases We Handle:


Our Approach to Arizona DUI Defense

 The best way for us to approach your Phoenix DUI defense is to first examine all evidence surrounding your case in which the State prosecution team has against you. We will review the information provided on the police report or complaint, as well as investigate the procedures exercised by the arresting officers. The Phoenix DUI lawyers at our law office will also want to understand the arrest from your prospective in order for us to gather as much information as we possibly can in order to employ the best DUI defense strategy pertaining to your case. Give us a call today for immediate DUI representation at