If you have been detained or arrested for suspicion of DUI or drunk driving, there is a particular way you need to approach your situation in order to avoid some common mistakes that can truly make a difference in the potential outcome of your Arizona DUI case.

Avoid volunteering information to the detaining police officer. This is very important! Remember, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law, therefore be cautious and whatever you do remember you also have the right to remain silent, so exercise it.

Do Not Admit Guilt. This is very important and can seriously do damage to your legal defense. The arresting officers and prosecution team must prove that you are intoxicated at the time of the arrest and show beyond reasonable doubt that you were indeed impaired due to alcohol consumption while driving your vehicle.

Do Not Consent To Breath or Blood Tests. Do not consent to any sort of breath or blood tests. In many cases, the arresting officers will request a warrant from a judge in order to force you to submit to a blood test, it is important that you understand that you make the arresting officer understand that you will not submit to blood testing unless a warrant is issued.

Do Immediately Request To Speak To An Attorney. This is your legal right, make sure that you contact an experienced Phoenix DUI attorneyright away. Most Arizona DUI lawyers provide a free consultation.

Do Be Polite. As simple as this sounds, it is very important. Being polite to your arresting or detaining officer can make this situation a little bit easier to handle as long as you understand your rights.

Request Immediate Release For 3rd Party Blood Alcohol Testing.

It is important to request immediate release in order to have your blood alcohol levels tested by a hospital or medical facility in order to determine accuracy in your case or faulty equipment.

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